Our Founders

Kristen Bell

Best Part Of Working At This Saves Lives: Although we’re a snack food company, we are actually in the business of doing good.  It makes me feel purposeful knowing we are changing children’s lives around the world.

Favorite This Saves Lives Memory: I was in Ryan's kitchen watching him bake some of the first versions of our snack bars. While he cooked, I tried all of our bars and was deemed 'Chief Taste Officer.'

Favorite Flavor: Madagascar Vanilla Almond & Honey

Ryan Devlin

Why Fighting Malnutrition Is So Important To Me: I have a kid of my own; an adventurous little dude that doesn’t have to worry about where his next healthy meal is going to come from. I’m so grateful that’s the case, but it isn’t so for millions of kids on this planet we all call home. Insane, right?! ALL children deserve to grow up healthy, strong, and able to change the world around them. We can help make that happen!

Best Part Of Working At This Saves Lives: An endless supply of the best damn bars in the world! Oh, and saving lives. That’s pretty rad too.

Favorite This Saves Lives Memory: The wacky, sleep-deprived, granola-fueled early days of the company in Ravi’s condo. Creating something from scratch... and then seeing the impact we were having on real kids. What a feeling!

Favorite Flavor: Whatever our newest one is :)

Todd Grinnell

Best Part Of Working At This Saves Lives: I’ve really loved collaborating with designers to develop our new visual identity.

But the best part is seeing beautiful smiles on the faces of the children we provide life-saving food to, and also seeing the joy on their family’s faces when they see their children thriving. 

Favorite This Saves Lives Memory: 
Traveling to Haiti to meet the children we've helped.

Favorite Flavor: 
Dark Chocolate & Coconut (but really all of them ; ))

Ravi Patel

Best Part Of Working At This Saves Lives: Beyond the impact, I love our team. Great personalities. Such good-hearted and intelligent people who truly care about the mission. In general this experience has introduced me to so many interesting people - I love that.

Favorite This Saves Lives Memory: This weekend, my wife made me throw some pairs of shoes away - I have too many apparently. One of the shoes was a pair of running shoes I bought six years ago at a Wal-Mart at one a.m. when myself Ryan and Todd were on the way to our manufacturing facility for our first production of bars. I was so tired from working that I got on the plane with flip-flops on and brought no shoes, which are necessary when working in a food plant or just traveling in general. So we had to find a twenty-four hour Wal-Mart when we landed. The shoes were thirteen dollars and I genuinely liked them for exercising more than my more expensive shoes! Another memory from that night was just that we had gotten a cheap motel room for three of us (we're always saving every penny), meaning one of us had to sleep on a cot. I lost the paper, rock, scissors, battle; I did not sleep well. (I think Ryan has a video of this somewhere).

Favorite Flavor: 
Dark Chocolate & Peanut Butter, no question.