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Our Products

1. Dark Chocolate Caramel and Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Classic Bars contain dairy. All other products are dairy-free.

2. Our flavors with sprinkles (Unicorn Sprinkle Surprise Crispy Treat, Rainbow Sprinkles GranolaPop, and Rainbow Sprinkles Oatmeal) contain soy. All other kids’ products are soy-free.

3. Classic and Kids’ Bars contain honey, a byproduct of bees, and thus our bars may not fall within a vegan diet. Our Crispy Treats are made with egg and therefore, not vegan.

4. Our flavors with sprinkles (Rainbow Sprinkles GranolaPop, and Rainbow Sprinkles Oatmeal) are not vegan. All other GranolaPop and Oatmeal flavors are vegan.


Our Kids' Bars and Crispy Treats are made in a specific, dedicated, and certified peanut-free facility. As part of our commitment to food safety, we test each Kids’ Bar and Crispy Treat production run for the other allergens produced in the facility before they are distributed to our vendors and consumers.

Our bars are gluten-free and meet the Canadian and United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA) regulatory requirements. We use gluten-free oats and many of our other ingredients are inherently gluten-free. We test each production run for gluten before the bars ship out to vendors and consumers, so you can have peace of mind when enjoying it yourself or feeding it to your

We use a Non-GMO glycerin vegetable oil that is USP grade #956 and derived predominantly from palm oils.

Our Mission

We are aligned on a common goal: to be a force for good. GOOD Worldwide has been working for over 15 years with brands and non-profits. GOOD’s media arm Upworthy has a community that is deeply concerned about child hunger, which This Saves Lives has been addressing for over ten years. We decided it was a good idea to come together and work towards ending child hunger, together.

Orders & Shipping

When you subscribe, you get automatic deliveries of our delicious bars for 10% off, plus free shipping! Mix and match cartons of your favorite flavors, choose how frequently you want to receive snacks, and update or cancel your subscription at any time.

You can manage your subscription and make any changes online by logging into your account using this link  - HERE -

Once logged in, click on the ''My Account'' option and on the right side of the page you will see "Account details" with your name just below. Under your name you will see a “Manage your Subscription” link. If you click on that, you will be sent directly to your subscription page. There you can make any changes you would like.

To enter the discount code, proceed from your cart to checkout. There, your screen will split into two panels. On the right panel, there you can enter the code where it says 'Gift card or discount code'. Then, hit 'apply', and you should be good to go!

Be sure to enter the discount code exactly as it is printed on the site, and without any spaces!

Because our orders are processed immediately (we work fast!), we are unable to make changes or cancel your order after it has been placed. You can manage other aspects of your subscription by logging into you Subscription Account Page.

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