Doing GOOD Together

We are aligned on a common goal: to be a force for good. GOOD Worldwide has been working for over 15 years with brands and non-profits. GOOD’s media arm Upworthy has a community that is deeply concerned about child hunger, which This Saves Lives has been addressing for over ten years. We decided it was a good idea to come together and work towards ending child hunger, together.

Our Products

We use a Non-GMO glycerin vegetable oil that is USP grade #956 and derived predominantly from palm oils.

While most of the ingredients in our Classic and Kids bars are plant based and vegan friendly, they are made with Non-GMO Project Verified Honey. Honey is a byproduct of bees, and our bars may not fall within a vegan diet. 

Our krispies are made with egg and therefore, not vegan.

Our bars do not need to be refrigerated, unless you prefer them that way! They are most commonly kept at room temperature.

No, our Kid's Bars and Rice Krispies are made in a specific, dedicated, and certified peanut-free facility.

As part of our commitment to food safety, we test each Kid's Bar and Rice Krispy production run for the allergens produced in the facility before they are distributed to our vendors and consumers.

Our snack bars do contain soy.

Our kid's bars are soy free.

Our kid's krispy treats are soy free, with the exception of the Unicorn Sprinkle Surprise Krispies, which contain soy as a part of the sprinkles.

All of our bars are gluten-free and meet the Canadian and United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA) regulatory requirements.

We use gluten-free oats and many of our other ingredients are inherently gluten-free. We test each production run for gluten before the bars ship out to vendors and consumers, so you can have the extra peace of mind when enjoying it yourself or feeding it to your family.

We encourage you to check the label of each individual flavor before purchase to have the most up to date information. 

While the majority of our products are dairy free, it is important to note that some of our bars do contain dairy. Specifically, our Dark Chocolate Caramel, Sea Salt, Almond Mocha and Hazelnut flavors contain milk. However, our other original flavors, kids bars and krispies* do not contain dairy. See the overview below for detailed information by product.

* our krispies are made with egg, as it is an essential part of making marshmallow

We provide the most up to date ingredient and nutritional information on our website. On each bar selection, whether you choose our Classics, Kids, or Krispies, you can view nutrition facts by clicking the right arrow in the picture of the boxes.

Our Kids’ bars are made in a specific, dedicated, and certified peanut-free facility where the production line is cleaned between each and every run. Even though the facility is a certified dedicated peanut-free facility, we still choose to test for peanuts in every run as well.

The Kids bars are manufactured in a facility that handles coconut, soy, milk, and eggs. As part of our commitment to food safety, we test each Kids’ production run for the allergens produced in the facility (coconut, soy, milk, and eggs) before they are shipped off to our vendors and consumers.

Our snack bars are Non-GMO Project Verified, gluten free, kosher, and ridiculously delicious. Our kids bars are made without nuts and they have fruits and veggies that your kids won't even taste!

You can purchase our bars right here on our site, inStarbucks, HEB, Central Market, Fresh Market, Target, select Whole Foods, and, just to name a few! Check our Store Locator to find our bars near you.

Yes! Our Kids’ snack bars are free of 8 of the main allergens; they are made without peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, soy, and gluten, plus they have 5g of sugar and 100 calories! They're the perfect on-the-go lunchbox snack!

Our Kids’ rice krispy treats are free peanuts, tree nuts, dairy and gluten. The rice krispy treats do contain egg, as it is an essential part of making marshmallow. Our kids krispy treats are also soy free, with the exception of the Unicorn Sprinkle Surprise Krispies, which contain soy as a part of the sprinkles.

We encourage you to always check each individual product’s packaging for specific allergen details.

Our Cause

It's simple. Every time you make a purchase, you send life-saving food to a child in need. That means that when you buy one of our snack bars or a box of our kids bar or krispies, you're also sending a packet of life-saving food to a child in need through one of our giving partners like Action Against Hunger. Our giving partners distribute these packets where they are most needed throughout the world.

Yes! We’re committed to helping children thrive all over the world, including in our local communities. We have worked with Feeding America to provide healthy meals through their food pantries all over the US. To date, we have provided over 275,000 meals to Americans in need. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we have also supported our frontline workers, hospitals, and food banks.

We're so glad you asked! We always want passionate people just like you to help spread the word all over the world! There are a few ways you can get involved, from spreading the love on your social media all the wayto becoming best friends with you local market's manager just so they will start carrying our bars! Check out more here.

Orders & Shipping

You can manage your subscription and make any changes online by logging into your account using this link  - HERE -

Once logged in, click on the ''My Account'' option and on the right side of the page you will see "Account details" with your name just below. Under your name you will see a “Manage your Subscription” link. If you click on that, you will be sent directly to your subscription page. There you can make any changes you would like.

To enter the discount code, proceed from your cart to checkout. There, your screen will split into two panels. On the right panel, there you can enter the code where it says 'Gift card or discount code'. Then, hit 'apply', and you should be good to go!

Be sure to enter the discount code exactly as it is printed on the site, and without any spaces!

When you Subscribe for Snacks, you get automatic deliveries of our delicious bars for 10% off, plus free shipping! Mix and match cartons of your favorite flavors, choose how frequently you want to receive snacks, and update or cancel your subscription at any time. You'll also get updates on the impact your purchases have made, exclusive content curated just for you, and a few surprises along the way!

Because our orders are processed immediately (we work fast!), we are unable to make changes or cancel your order after it has been placed. You can manage other aspects of your subscription by logging into you Subscription Account Page.

While we do not currently ship internationally, we are available in some Canadian retailers, including Loblaws, Metro and Whole Foods.

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