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We send life-saving food to a child in need.


Over the span of 6-8 weeks a severely malnourished child can become healthy and thrive!

Meet Some of the CHILDREN You've Impacted

Planika | 7 years old


When Planika was 5 1/2 she weighed only 22 pounds, the average weight of a 1 year old. Her aunt heard about our non-profit partner, Second Mile Haiti, from a neighbor and took Planika there immediately. After just 6 weeks of Plumpy'Nut she had gained over 15 pounds and was able to go home happy and healthy! She just started school this year; she loves showing off her uniform, playing with her schoolmates and learning the alphabet!

Lorentz | 2 years old


He's 10 months old and loves playing with his toy car and trying to sneak cookies for snacks when his mom, Lumana, isn't looking. But, he wasn't always this feisty. When he was 6 months old he only weighed 8 pounds and was severely malnourished. His mom heard about our giving partner, Second Mile Haiti, from a friend and took him right away. After less than 7 weeks he had gained over 4 1/2 pounds and started playing with all of the other kids his age. Now he's completely healthy and growing up to be a strong independent boy. His mother said that she'd love for him to grow up and be a doctor one day so he can help kids who are malnourished just like he was. For every bar you buy we donate a packet of life saving food aid to kids just like Lorentz all around the world. Let's end severe acute malnutrition together!

Esther and Cassandra


These two spit-fires met when they were both at our giving partner, Second Mile Haiti's clinic. They met under terrible circumstances as they were both severely malnourished. However, as they continued Plumpy'Nut treatment not only did they grow healthy and strong - their friendship grew too! These two are now completely healthy and absolutely inseparable. Because of YOUR purchases they now have a life long friendship that will go on for a very very long time!


For decades, our giving partner Action Against Hunger has helped to strengthen local health systems in partnership with local communities in Africa. The COVID-19 pandemic is pushing members of these communities beyond the brink. Most often, children are the most vulnerable. According to Action Against Hunger, COVID-19 has caused the number of children dying from severe malnutrition to double.

In most cases, the organization is the only health provider for hundreds of miles in East Africa—an area already suffering from years of drought, floods, and locusts. If COVID-19 spreads deeper in these countries, poverty and hunger will only worsen with a downstream impact on the entire global economy.

Now is the time to help make a difference. For every purchase of This Saves Lives product, we send a packet of life-saving nutrition to a child in need through Action Against Hunger.

The biggest way to make an impact is by subscribing to an order of snacks delivered monthly. A single 12 count box of snack bars ordered monthly will help to save a life within a year. By signing up for our subscription program, you can commit to saving lives while enjoying exclusive perks as an important member of our community.



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