We're on a mission to help end severe acute malnutrition in children.

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We are Now Available at HEB!

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How It Works

Every time you make a purchase, we send a packet of life-saving food to a child in need.

  • Your Purchase

    Not only does it taste good, it does good.

  • The life-saving packet

    Thanks to your support, we deliver a packet of food to a child in need. This powerful peanut paste full of vitamins and nutrients is specifically designed to treat malnutrition.

  • The treatment

    It only takes three packets a day for about 8 weeks to take a child from severely malnourished to completely healthy. (No exaggeration!)

  • The Future

    The child you helped save can now grow up to help their community and change the world around them.

Post your snacks and help us spread the word.