west pokot county, KENYA

Meet Rahema & Faith

After weeks of suffering, Rahema never lost faith and now sees a light at the end of the tunnel.

Rahema and Faith - West Pokot, Kenya

Faith wasn't her normal self...

so Rahema brought her to their health center for a medical evaluation. Faith was diagnosed with malaria and pneumonia, and both caused her to become severely malnourished.

"I remember that when I took Faith she was convulsing. This is why we were admitted to the health centre for a week and a couple of days so the nurses could monitor her condition. When the measurements were first taken it was so bad. Even her spine was showing."

A doctor discusses proper nutrition with Rahema and Faith.

Faith was cured from malaria and pneumonia while beginning Plumpy'Nut

"This is my second week since Faith was introduced to Plumpy'Nut. A while ago when I used to see mothers giving Plumpy'Nut to their children, I was used to say, 'nah, those are only for children who are almost dying.' But when I was my child so weak, even her skin without any colour, that's when I realised I also almost lost my child because of malnutrition."

A doctor performs an MUAC (Mid-Upper Arm Circumference) test for malnutrition on Faith.

"I can see how much she has improved...

Even the tape shows that it is almost reaching the yellow," Rahema says as the doctor measures Faith's arm with MUAC tape, showing her progress.

Rahema is finally able to see the light at the tunnel after weeks of suffering alongside her baby. "I was so shocked an afraid. I thought, 'what if I lose Faith?' This is why I don't miss a visit. I always take Faith to get the Plumpy'Nut.


Faith and Rahema at play while on the road to recovery.

"I want to really thank the people who support us with plumpy'Nut

I can't even imagine what would have happened if Plumpy'Nut wasn't there. I want to pass on my graititude because most people cannot afford to buy nutritious food and some parents aren't even able to find assistance as life here is tough."

Thanks to the skilled nurses and doctors trained by our partner, Action Against Hunger, babies like Faith are given a fighting chance and mothers like Rahema are able to focus on supporting their families.

Photos and Story by Susan Martinez for Action Against Hunger