Northern uganda

Meet Nadia & Kamal

Now that Kamal is getting the nutrition he needs, his devoted mother Nadia is using her newfound knowledge of nutrition to attend to her own health and support other women in her community.

After Nadia's husband died...

during the conflict in South Sudan, she and her disabled son Kamal fled on foot to the Ibakwe settlement in Uganda. Nadia is dedicated to giving her son the care he needs, and she has often sacrificed and sold portions of her own food rations to purchase supplies for Kamal.

Under Nadia's care and with UNICEF's support, Kamal has received additional food aid to ensure he's getting the nutrition he needs. Today, Kamal is healthy and well fed. Meanwhile, his devoted and loving mother has banded together with other women in the community to take care of each other and create a better future for themselves.

Story credit: Action Against Hunger