Meet Enoq & Isabel

Although he was born malnourished and below average weight and height, Enoq is now on track to live a full and healthy life.

Rahema and Faith - West Pokot, Kenya

Enoq’s mom, Isabel, is 38 years old and has 9 beautiful children...

She earns a living by making gorgeous handmade textiles on a loom, and spends hours on her knees working on one piece of fabric to sell in the markets. Unfortunately even with her hard work and devotion, she doesn’t make enough money to buy healthy food for all of her kids. She always makes sure her kid’s plates are full before serving herself, which means she often goes without food at all. This impacted her pregnancy with Enoq because she wasn’t nourished enough and was unable to provide breastmilk when he was born.

Enoq was born malnourished and is still significantly below the average weight/height for his age. This can have a huge impact on his brain development and can delay both his ability to walk and talk, but, thanks to our giving partners in Guatemala, Enoq is now on track to to live a normal, healthy, and happy life!