NEW Kids Variety Pack (15 Count)
NEW Kids Variety Pack (15 Count)
NEW Kids Variety Pack (15 Count)
NEW Kids Variety Pack (15 Count)

NEW Kids Variety Pack (15 Count)

NEW Kids Variety Pack (15 Count)

What Makes This Flavor Awesome?

Whether you’re looking for your kid's new favorite flavor or just love them all, our 15 count variety pack delivers five bars of each of our awesome Kid's Bars:

  • Chocolate Chip "Dino"Mite
  • S'Mores Blast
  • Beehive Jive
Kid’s Bars are made in a peanut-free facility. Each product is allergen tested so you can have peace of mind when feeding our Kid’s Bars to your family or enjoying it yourself when the kids are asleep.
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A food company

on a mission

In 2013, Kristen Bell, Ryan Devlin, Todd Grinnel, and Ravi Patel founded This Saves Lives with a mission to end severe acute malnutrition in children across the globe.

Since This Saves Lives started, we've donated more than 29 million packets of life-saving food, and we're just getting started.

See Our Impact

it’s ridiculously delicious!


When we started This Saves Lives, we weren’t professional chefs or recipe makers – but Kristen Bell was pregnant and she became our “super taster!” The bars were a hit and we’ve unveiled even more since then with a focus on giving you delicious taste without compromising quality.

We use all non-GMO ingredients such as wild blueberries, flax seeds and a full serving of fruits and vegetables in every kids product! We guarantee it’s ridiculously delicious!

Join a community committed to ending

severe acute malnutrition

We started with this mission and we are committed to seeing it through. Severe acute malnutrition is preventable and we can do even more with your help! By joining The Table and committing to a subscription, our non-profit partners can better plan their aid to reach more kids.
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  • We Eat Together and give back
  • Make a Difference and track your impact
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