7 Ideas for Celebrating Valentine’s Day Safe at Home with Your Kids

Many of us are still staying safe at home. For our kids, that means adjusting to a virtual environment and potentially missing out on some of the in-classroom activities, like holiday celebrations. Valentine’s Day is a favorite among our team’s kiddos. All the sweet treats, adorable cards, and conversation hearts make for the ultimate classroom bash.

Activities that are Perfect a Valentine’s Day Safe at Home

When you’re safe at home, you can still give your kids a love-filled Valentine’s Day celebration! We pulled together seven of our favorite ways to enjoy February 14th as a family.

1. Make and Send Paper Valentine’s Day Cards

If you start working now, your child can surprise their friends with a real-life Valentine. There’s still nothing quite like receiving a tangible gift in the mail.

We love making handcrafted cards and attaching a delicious Krispy for a sweet treat! Pop the package in the mail or drop it off on your kid’s classmates’ porches. Just make sure to keep it a surprise!

2. Join the #BeTheOne Campaign

There are many people in our communities that need a little extra sign of love and comfort these days. A great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to safely drive around your neighborhood or to local senior living facilities and deliver some snack bars to people who live alone.

#BeTheOne to be their Valentine.

3. Get Your Heart Pumping While Safe at Home

Find creative and fun ways to be active indoors. Turn on a party playlist (maybe even some of your favorite love songs in honor of the holiday) and throw an impromptu dance party.

4. Decorate Love Rocks

Take rocks from drab to fab! Find a handful of rocks around your yard, clear off the table, and get out the paint. Spend an hour painting love rocks with hearts, little messages, and designs. Then, encourage your kids to leave them in your neighborhood. It will make someone’s day when they see it on a walk!

5. Throw a Backyard Picnic

With social distancing top of mind, host a small backyard party with your kids and their closest friends. Everyone can hang out and snack on This Saves Lives kid-friendly snack bars and Krispies (weather permitting, of course).

6. Enjoy a Virtual Movie Night Together

The virtual learning room your kid uses for school can also be a great place to host a virtual movie night (or day). Some of our favorite Valentine’s Day movies include:

  • Lady and the Tramp
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Frozen / Frozen II - We can’t leave out our favorite princess!

7. Host a Virtual Valentine’s Day Celebration

You’ll find ideas for virtual games that everyone in attendance can play right from their screens. From scavenger hunts around the house, paint parties to on-screen games, there are plenty of ways to celebrate safe at home with classmates, friends, or extended family.

For example, this collection of digital games includes crafts, “I spy,” and more, all in a Google Slides format, so it’s easy for the teacher to share with students.

You can also compete in the Valentine’s Day Game of Jeopardy. The free game offers an interactive PowerPoint experience that allows students to play through virtual learning. It’s recommended for children ages 12 and up.

Share these ideas with your kids and develop the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day while safe at home. Enjoy!