Meet 1 year old Suldana | Somalia


Somalia | 1 year old Suldana

Ahada was alarmed when her 13-month-old daughter Suldana fell sick with a high fever and started losing weight rapidly. “When I saw my daughter’s health state, despair and desolation troubled my soul,” she remembers. Seeing her condition worsen as the days passed, Ahada brought Suldana to one of Action Against Hunger’s Health and Nutrition Treatment Centers in South West Somalia. “I lost hope when I saw Suldana’s condition deteriorating,” remembers Ahada. “I thought she would never get better.” 

At Action Against Hunger’s Treatment Center, teams examined Suldana and diagnosed her with severe acute malnutrition. She was immediately admitted into the outpatient treatment program, where she was put on a treatment regime and received weekly rations of ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF). After eight weeks, Suldana had fully recovered and was discharged. Ahada participated in health and nutrition sessions and received regular support from health workers.